Hike to Hykjeberg and bathing in Nässjön

Hykjeberget is a beautiful  nature reserve, 10 km north-east of Älvdalen.


It’s an easy hike for the whole family…


…the path up takes about 15-20 minutes and you are rewarded with stunning views from the top of the mountain:



You can have your picnic on the “royal bench” that was given to Prince Carl-Philip and Princess Sophia as a wedding gift from Sophias hometown Älvdalen.

There’s a selfie-stand for you to take the perfect picture of yourselves…



From the top you see lake Nässjön in the background:


That´s where we went on our way back to take a swim at Grundsand beach


…and do some daring jumps from the 10 m-tower!



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