Celebrating the arrival of winter (finally)!

Winter started record warm in december this year, but around New Year cold weather finally came, and so did the snow. When we came up to Gopshus on the 3d of january, the surroundings were wintery welcoming…  And artificial snow production…  …was preparing the slopes of Gopshus for a week of great downhill skiing in the village:   

With some more natural snow falling, the winter idyll was complete…



In Mora…  …artificial snow production…

 …had since november offered excellent conditions for cross country skiing at Hemus ski arena:   

Artificial snow production in nearby Älvdalen was equally important for preparing early skiing conditions at their ski arena: 
We also undertook an excursion to the downhill center of Idre fjäll further upnorth…        …Where yours truely was happy to see that more snow had fallen in the same ski slope…  …that in late October looked like this:  …thanks to a brave effort of saving last years snow (!) under a protecting cover for a record early start of the skiing season:
But now real winter has finally come to Dalecarlia (and the rest of Sweden), let’s celebrate King Bore (Father Frost)!   

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